The winds never stop. Terrible change-wind storms tear across land and sea, transforming anyone and anything caught it their path… Three hundred years have passed since the first windwail storm changed the world as we know it. Few are old enough to remember how things were before we lost everything… Our world is overrun with transformed and nightmarish monstrosities, abominations, and even stranger things who bear no resemblance to what they once were. We retreat from the surface and from places most vulnerable to the winds. It is all we can do to preserve the small collection of artifacts and remnants of our great civilization. Travel is likely impossible with countless toxic jungles and alien ecosystems springing up all over our land. Ours is a world in peril and need. We are all responsible for keeping watch against the horrors in the wind until we find a way out of this storm.  —Professor Nostram, Lahgassian Natural Philosopher and Cartographer


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